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A really gorgeous gift for someone who loves well-seasoned food in their kitchen. This selection includes our six favourite seasonings made by us with carefully-sourced ingredients that are hand-blended and hand-packed into beautifully-labelled tins. Inside each recyclable tin* the seasonings are contained in fully-home-compostable bags for freshness and security. We pack each set into a simple cardboard box using recycled packing materials because we think green is better than fancy.

Each set costs £25.00 with free delivery in mainland UK. Buying each tin individually would add up to £29.94 so a small gift from us to you, too.

What they'll find inside:

Pul Biber 60g contains chilli flakes, vegetable oil. Also known as Aleppo Pepper these bright red flakes of chilli are ubiquitous as a seasoning in Turkey where they're called Pul Biber meaning 'chilli flake'. Use in cooking or keep a small bowl or shaker on the table to let friends and family add their own. The flavour is hot but well-rounded and is a good alternative to black pepper.

Herbes de Provence 32g contains marjoram, oregano, rosemary, basil, sage, savory, tarragon, lemon zest. For us this is the essential Mediterranean seasoning made up from aromatic woody herbs that thrive in poor soil to which we've added a sharpener of lemon zest. Use in soups, stews, with roast chicken or lamb, in vinaigrette, with firm white fish especially hake and cod.

Sel Fou 160g contains sea salt, rosemary, coriander, pink peppercorns, noble sweet paprika, garlic, thyme, cayenne. Originally from the West coast of France where salt is harvested this unusual blend is both spicy and exotic and pairs with terrines (add to the ingredients and/or sprinkle a little on top before serving, with roast duck and goose, with celeriac or turnip gratin, pommes Savoyard and baked salmon steaks.

Seaweed Salt 160g contains sea salt, dulse. For our seaweed we go to the Cornish Seaweed Company for their hand-harvested dulse flakes. Our blend gives a natural umami-boost that heightens the flavour of all kinds of food but we prefer to use it with green vegetables, vegetable soups, rice, mashed potatoes and stir-fries

Rose Harissa 160g contains sea salt, coriander, cumin, garlic, caraway, paprika, rose petals, cayenne. We've taken the traditional ingredients of a Tunisian harisssa paste and blended them with sea salt for a seasoning that adds a touch of heat and exotic spices to the kind of produce loved in North Africa. Use it as a rub for roast chicken or lamb, on roast carrots and squash, in couscous, in tagines, on roast vegetables and baked sweet potatoes.

Celery Salt 160g contains sea salt, celery seed, cumin seed, lemon zest, black pepper, noble sweet paprika, tomato, horseradish allergens in bold Everyone knows that hard-boiled quails' eggs have to be served with a good celery salt like ours but did you also know that it's an essential ingredient for coleslaw and Caesar Salad in the USA? Our very traditional blend is hot, spicy and with a good depth of flavour. Did we mention it's also a required ingredient for a Bloody Mary?

*please remove vinyl label from tin before recycling. We're sorry but the label isn';t currently widely recycled.






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