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We first started making risotto kits in 2005 on a kitchen table in Somerset. The idea came from a bag of Risotto Pronto - easy-cook risotto - brought back from Italy. We dried all the herbs and vegetables ourselves, added stock powder and seasonings, hand-wrote our labels, put the risotto into bags and took ourselves off to Bridport market where we sold the lot. 

Over the years we've evolved to the point where we have a little factory - still in Bridport - making easy cook risotto, couscous and rice puddings. Some of our recipes have barely changed, others have developed as we've discovered new ingredients, new seasonings tried new combinations and done more travelling (the best bit!).

We've always loved the seasoning bit - the adding of salt, pepper, herbs and spices that make all the difference to the flavour of the finished dish. So it was that we created our own-recipe Mediterranean seasoning Cook's Companion - a blend of sea salt with Herbes de Provence, garlic, tomato and black pepper. It's our go-to 'brightener' for all kinds of Mediterranean foods especially fish, green vegetables, tomatoes, salads of all kinds, soups, roast meats and slow-cooked stews.

More recently and inspired by our admiration for Elizabeth David and particularly her book Salt & Aromatics in the English Kitchen we've begun a range we call Salt & Aromatics including flavoured salts and essentials such as Herbes de Provence and Pul Biber. Our essentials at least!

We hope you'll like what you find. Happy eating (and cooking!)...

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