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For our regular friends and shoppers we've news. Actually it's rather sad news for us as a business. After making our risotto kits since 2005 we've had to hit the pause button after a year of struggling with both the price and availability of Arborio rice. We've searched for new suppliers and alternatives but we've drawn a blank thus far. We're going to spend the Christmas and New Year down-time looking at how and when we can bring these products back. At the time of writing this (1st November '23) it looks as though prices will have to go up when we relaunch based on the limited supply of Arborio - we think largely due to climate change - and also Brexit. Undeterred we're going to come back with new, delicious flavours in new recylcable packaging at the best prices we can manage.

With the risotto products we've also had to make ourselves relook at Tabbouleh, couscous and the rice puddings. Some will be back next year. Please bear with us!

But we'll always have our Seasonings - the adding of salt, pepper, herbs and spices that make all the difference to the flavour of the finished dish. So it was that we created our own-recipe Mediterranean seasoning Cook's Companion - a blend of sea salt with Herbes de Provence, garlic, tomato and black pepper. It's our go-to 'brightener' for all kinds of Mediterranean foods especially fish, green vegetables, tomatoes, salads of all kinds, soups, roast meats and slow-cooked stews.

Inspired by our admiration for Elizabeth David and particularly her book Salt & Aromatics in the English Kitchen our range called Salt & Aromatics includes rich and complex speciality flavoured salts. And we're beginning a range of cook's essentials herb blends starting with Herbes de Provence. Our essentials at least!

For Christmas 23 we've brought out a selection of our favourite Mediterranean herb and spice blends mixed with salt to make them useful to keen cooks - everyday. These bright, simple blends reflect the accessible, simple everyday cuisines of the South of France, Sicily, the Levant, coastal Andalucia and Mallorca. We love this new Cook's Salts Mediterranean Collection. In fact we're going to give a tube to ourselves as a gift - and we know that you will know friends, family who will love to receive them as much as we do!

We hope you'll like what you find on your journey through our online shop. Happy eating (and cooking!)...

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