Collection: Rice Puddings

Shock, horror - rice pudding isn't only made and eaten here in the UK! It's a favourite all over the Mediterranean from gorgeous, chilled Turkish creamy or rose-flavoured puddings to Greek lemon versions, five-hour puddings made with cinnamon in France and orange-flavoured, egg-enriched puddings from Portugal. We've followed a distinctive Andalusian combination of ingredients for our Seville rice pudding and turned to Bologna with its excellence in making chocolates and sour-cherry preserves for inspiration for our new Cherry & Chocolate pudding. We recommend oven-baking on a low/medium heat for about an hour and a quarter depending on the exact setting and your oven. Your pudding should be still creamy and soft-set. Great for vegans - you can use soya, oat, almond or hazelnut or any non-dairy milk.