Flavour is a journey

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We've travelled around the Mediterranean and Southern Europe to discover how locally grown herbs and favoured spices are combined and used according to tradition. We've brought back that knowledge and used it to create seasoning blends that are both rooted in culinary heritage and can take your cooking and ours on new journeys into contemporary flavour.

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Provence D'Antan

Searching for a really good Bouquet Garni to list we found one - and some more traditional herb blends from Provence d'Antan (Provence of yesteryear) based in the Bouches-du-Rhone and one of the biggest purchasers of organic herbs in Provence. We're really delighted to be sharing their wonderful products with you for your kitchen or as a beautiful gift.

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A Journey into Flavour

Discovering Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours through herbs, spices and traditional ingredients